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Paper Streamers

Paper Streamers Supplies

We stock a full range of paper streamers for use with our hire equipment or to be purchased separately.  Overnight delivery is available on most items.

We have no minimum order so if you want a single bag or enough to last a tour get in touch on 01444 487 757!

Paper Streamers

Our paper streamers are made from the best quality tissue paper that has been treated to be flameproof. Streamers can be launched by any shot system equipped a ‘shot pipe’. The best quality for special effects professionals! All confetti and streamer products of MAGIC FX are flameproof according to NEN-EN-ISO 6941. An official test report is available on request.

Available Colours

Paper Streamers Available Colours

Available Sizes

Paper Streamers Available SizesCall us on 01293 523 550 or email us here

We have a huge stock of paper streamers, ready for overnight delivery

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