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Music Videos

It used to be MTV...Now its YouTube you have to worry about!

We've worked on many music videos for both artists great and hopeful! Whether it's for a spectacular or are doing your first shoot we can help bring your creative ideas to life.

While a lot of the shoots we work on are big budget affairs, we also work with up and coming artists to provide them with  the visual material they need to impress record companys and producers.

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Flame Effects

Flame Effects
Flame effects are becoming ever more popular. With large propane effects becoming a 'must have' for rock bands our flame systems can be seen at many of the Worlds top stage shows and concerts as well as on TV and in music videos.


Pyrotechnics can really add something to almost any on stage performance and with our fantastic high altitude pyro we can make every headliner look even better than they sound.

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