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Flame Effects

Flame Systems Hire

Stage flames, flambeaux, hand held torches, gel burners and many other flame effects are available to hire.


Stage Flames

Stage Flames bring shows to life and really can draw the audience into the performance. Spectacular to watch they also add another dimension with the radiated heat of the flames bringing crowds even closer to what's happening on stage.

On stage, at festivals and for TV and music videos, stage flames are our most requested flame effect hire.

Able to produce fireballs and flame jets from 3m to 7.5m these excellent units are DMX controlled with a built in safety channel to prefent accidental firing. They can be used with either internal cartridges or from propane cylinders (or a combination of both to give the biggest effect).

Perfect for one-off events or tours, these machines are spectacular, responsive and very easy to control, yet still easy to rig and de-rig. They are also ultra reliable making them a joy to tour with.

We prefer to supply these units with an experienced technician, but we will dry hire to professional users. 

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Path Marker Torches

In great demand and perfect for adding atmosphere to just about any event. Can be used on grass or hard surfaces with our custom made bases.

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Perfect for adding atmosphere and light to outside areas Flambeaux's are a great way of emphasing an entrance way, giving atmosphere to a VIP area or to add something special to a marquee or a red carpet event.

We often use these in conjunction with our path marker torces to form a subtle yet enthralling pathway and entrance combination.

Because of the size of the Flambeaux's these are normally collection only or delivered with our technician.   

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Handheld Procession Torches

Our real flame procession torches are a great solution for use both on stage and outdoors.

Each torch has a built in safety mechanism so that if a torch is accidentally dropped, the cover pops up and extinguishes the flame safely. Fuel is 'Flame Paste' a semi solid fuel that doesn't drip and which is available in 1 or 5 litre cans. Each torch take a full fill of approximately 75ml which will burn for around 10 minutes.

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Flame Bars

We have various flame bars and rings available to hire in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with and without ignition systems and controllers. Great for one off photo shoots and for longer hires, flame bars can be built to your specification and dimensions and can be built into fire trays and stage mounts.

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