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Smoke and Low Fog

Smoke, Haze & Low Fog Machines Hire

Professional reliable smoke & low fog machines and hazers available to hire in various sizes and outputs to suit your event and your budget.

We have smoke and haze machines for indoor and outdoor use that can cope with everything from small club rooms to even the biggest stages.


Smoke Machines

Professional reliable smoke machines, available in various sizes to suit your needs. Indoor and outdoor use.

Our inventory includes G150's, G300's, Martin Magnum 2000s and JEM Roadie Compacts (our biggest smoke machines), plus Swing Fog portable petrol smoke generators for when you need serious fog where there's no power.

JEM Roadie compacts and G300's can also be used as hazers, we also supply Unique 2.1 Hazers.

All machines come with either remote controlls or DMX interfaces. DMX desks are also available to hire. 

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Very High Volume Smoke Machines

Martin's industry-standard Jem Roadie X-Stream Compact's are our biggest smoke machines.

No only are these perfect for Arena's and on Festival Stages when you need a serious amount of smoke, but they can also be used as the ultimate in high volume Hazers and are perfect for large laser shows.

Warm up time is 9 minutes with a 9.5 litre fluid capacity giving a continious smoke output of up to 2500 m³/min and a maximum operating time at full output of 90 minutes.

240v Single phase 16 Amp power Supply required. On Board 3 and 5 PIN DMX control.

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Low Fog Machines

Perfect for stage and theatre, clubs, catwalks and arenas, we offer high power liquid Co2 freeze fog chiller units coupled to G300 smoke machines to provide the coldest low lying fog.

We also supply specially mixed low smoke fluids for those occasions when you need quick dispersal after an effect, for instance to prevent camera white out.

We also keep some smaller low smoke units for smaller club rooms and school stages. 

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Our Unique 2.1 high performance variable output water-based hazers are our most requested hazers as they are ultra reliable, almost silent and leave very little residue. All haze machines have built-in DMX and a 2 liter fluid capacity (enough for 50 hours of continuous output at normal haze setting), and a 60 second warm-up time.

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