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Custom Installations

Custom SFX Installations

No matter if you have a Night Club refurbishment project or a West End Theatre set, we can install almost any type of pyrotechnic or special effect and incorporate it seamlessly into you production.

In the past we've worked with set designers to install effects into stages and stage sets, into promotional vehicles, shipping containers, trailers and even into filing cabinets! We've designed smoking balls for jugglers, put flame effects into saxaphones & guitars, built pyrotechnics into a rather spectacular multi-crossbow effect, magic tricks and on Robot suits and into a staff that Gandolf himself would be jealous of.

Whether you need effects that can run for a single performance or a six month run, want a permanent Laser install for your Theme Park or want to put Co2 Jets into your Club room we have the expertise and the equipment to do the job.  


Gas & Flame Installations

Flame effects can take many different forms and we have designed and installed many different types of effects for some very diverse Clients.

Over the years we've developed quite a reputation for our flame effects, often pushing the boundaries of design to create effects that other companies thought impossible. We've also worked very hard to convice reluctant safety officers and local authorities that properly handled, flame effects can be both safe and spectacular at the same time and that's proven by our 100% safety record.

Just a few examples of our work are, flame bars across the front of stages, victorian gas lamps, gas footlights, burning campfires that leave no residue, DMX controlled flame effects for Lord of The Flies at Regents Park Open Air Theatre, The spectacular flame effects and burning chandeliers of Great Expectations, the rather surreal and frightening flame effects for the Crime and Investigation Channel as well as many real flame 'fire places' for Opera and stage productions.

We're also rather good at using flame systems as lighting for music videos and TV productions, as real flame gives the kind of constantly varying light and atmosphere that just can't be duplicated by conventional lighting.     

We're always looking for new and interesting projects so please do give us a call. 


Cryogenic & Co2 Installations

Co2 Jets are always a stunning effect and having your new system professionally installed will not only help you to get the best effect for your audience, it will also minimise Co2 usage and keep your running costs down.  

From effect design to cylinder handling and storage, we can advise you on the best way to deploy any system and how to monitor it's safe usage, we also hire Co2 Jets on both short and long term hire or can supply you with top quality Cryo Jets should you wish to buy the equipemnt. 

For clubs and music venues we offer a completely bespoke installation service with hoses and cables made to exact lengths and wired back to either one of our effect controllers, or to your DMX desk via specially designed DMX switch packs.

We can also help you to expand your existing system, replace old or leaking hoses, or carry out safety and maintenance checks on-site at your venue.  

If you need a Co2 jet installation for a theatre season or show, or need a special effect constructed into a set or parade float then we can help. From fire breathing dragons to steam whistles and from fighter entrances to rocket motor simulations we've done them all.

So whatever kind of Co2 installation you need, call us now on 01444 487 757 or drop us a line via our contact form and we'll be pleased to help


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