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Confetti and Streamers

Confetti Effects and Streamer Effects

One of the things that every audience seems to like is being covered in confetti and we have a dozen different ways to deliver great confetti and streamer effects.

For most events and club nights, our powershot confetti and streamer cannons are the perfect size throwing a lot of confetti up to 12m (streamers 20m), we also have smaller 40cm cartridges for smaller rooms and low ceilings.

For big impact events where you want a sustained effect, we have our Co2 powered super blasters. Capable of pushing 6-12 kilos of confetti a minute up to 12m in the air, these are really something and work brilliantly in most venues, for really big jobs we have our Mega blasters which with a 20m output are perfect for festivals, arenas and stadiums.

When you need a really big instant effect, then you can't beat our stadium shots. We've used these at festivals, arenas and sporting events around the country and as the name implies, these are built for stadium gigs. With a 50m throw, you simply can't get bigger.

Lastly for the occasions when you need a slow fall effect, our MagicFX swirl fans deliver that great 'Strictly' moment and can produce a confetti or glitter rain that lasts several minutes. Loaded with our special snow confetti, they are also a great alternative to wet snow machines as they don't make anything wet or soggy and are very easy to clean up afterwards.

So whatever size job you have from a corporate awards show to a Wembley gig, we can delivery the effect that you need. 


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