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Flame Effects

Flame effects bring shows to life!

Flame effects are becoming more and more popular on stage. With large propane effects becoming a 'must have' for rock bands our flame systems can be seen at many of the worlds top stage shows and concerts as well as on TV and in music videos.

As one of the leading companies in this field of special effects, we can offer many different types of flame systems, from MagicFX Stage Flames to Flamaniacs through to our very own custom built system. This means we have a range of effects to suit every show and every job.

Our flame effects bring shows to life and really can draw the audience deeper into the performance. They will not only see and hear the performance, but also feel the radiated heat of the flame effects bringing them even closer to what's happening on stage.

Will my venue allow Flame Systems?

Because flame effects are growing in popularity they are becoming more accepted by major venues arenas and local authorities across the UK. With our 100% safety record coupled with the professional and comprehensive risk assessments that we always provide, we rarely encounter problems in getting permission to use flame systems.

If you're venue have any doubts we're happy to speak to their safety officers on our clients behalf.


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