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Outdoor Pyrotechnics

Outdoor Pyrotechnics

Although most of our work is carried out indoors, we also offer great value professional firework displays throughout the year for all types of events. From bonfire night celebrations to weddings and private parties, to corporate events and festivals or sporting events, we can provide you with a spectacular firework/pyro display to suit your budget.

Unlike many other companies we offer a free planning and liaison service and will take care of everything needed for a safe and spectacular beveling, from dealing with the venue and local authority safety officers, right through to safety on show night we take care of everything, allowing you to enjoy the show.

If you are looking for something special for your wedding, whether indoors or outside, in a country house or private wedding venue, we can provide you with something special to wow and entertain you guests.  From traditional outdoor fireworks/pyro displays to confetti cannons and streamer effects indoors, or table top pyrotechnics and 'Ice' Fountains for a formal reception, we offer something for everyone no matter what the venue.

Below are some of the outdoor pyrotechnic effects we can provide.

Bengal Blinkers

These are large outdoor pyrotechnic strobe effects, which last around a minute and are great to build up and maintain atmosphere. As a completely random stobe, it's an effect not possible to create with lighting and is one of our most popular effects for outdoor shows.

Large Comets

The big brother of our  indoor stage comets, again consisting of a signle star, but on a much bigger scale for outdoor use. A range of colours are available with or without tails, in sizes going up to 300 feet.

Spectacular and enthralling and with near zero fallout, they provide a great stand alone effect or can be used as part of a ground or roof-top display. 

Large Mines

Exactly the same principle as the big outdoor comets, these are the big brother of indoor stage mines which again consist of several stars going up to create a spectacular effect avilable in a huge range of colours.

Coloured Smokes

Pyrotechnic smokes are special because it is the only way you can colour smoke. In doing so you can add a heavy industrial dye to a pyrotechnic composition, when lit, the hot smoke can easily dye anything it comes into contact with.


From bonfire night celebrations to weddings and private parties, to corporate events, we can provide you with a spectacular firework display to suit your budget. We have access to a huge range of professional fireworks to really make a bang.

More informtaion on Fireworks can be found here.


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